Preformed thermoplastic sheets production plant PROMAX SP60

Again PROMAX has brought a new development into the professional traffic control industry – preformed thermoplastic sheets production plant PROMAX SP60.

PROMAX SP60 can manufacture thermoplastic sheets for horizontal road signs, with production capacity of 160 sheets per hour.

PROMAX installs the plant, excl. factory main cable installation, water pipes and lifting equipment, and starts up the plant within 10 working days.

Training at customers facility is included. We train your staff in using a plant and give the technology of thermoplastic production including the necessary thermoplastic formulations (max. 5 formulations).

One of the main leading points in our production plants is quality control and thermoplastic development which is done in close corporation with laboratory manager and on sight fully equipped thermoplastic laboratory.

Running the factory on full capacity requires 4 persons:

  • Feeding material
  • Controlling application
  • Water cutting
  • Collecting, packing and bringing to the storage

The SP60 thermoplastic sheets production plant is supplied to customers in Spain, Romania, Brazil, Turkey, USA, Bulgaria, Germany, South Korea, Ireland, Ecuador, UK and others.

PROMAX Brochure Design

Technical data

Production capacity: 160 sheets/hour
Colors: 38
Plastic heater: 1 x 2 ton, 4 x1 ton
Plastic mixers: hydraulic
Applicators: 5 x 600 mm
Bead dispencer: 5 x 600 mm
Application conveyor: 4 x 600 mm
Bead dispenser: 100-600 mm
Application conveyor: 11,5 m x 0,8 m
Application speed: 2 up to 8 m/min
Collection conveyor: integrated
Water cooling: 160 kW
Hydraulic power: 20 kW
Dimensions: L 21,5 m; W 6,5 m; H 4,2 m
Weight: 15 ton