PROMAX sheet surface dryer for preformed thermoplastic sheet and sign production.

Air knife for removing double sided surface water Air knife on both positive and negative side of the sheets. 8 kW high pressure fan, connected to air knife 800mm wide. Air knife with integrated release system, increasing gap for sheets passing with up to 12 mm lumps. Adjustable angle and gap on air knife for optimal function.

Fan pressure variable according to requirements but max power 8kW. 3″ pressure relief valve and air intake filter.

Drying speed can be adjusted from 1,5 meter each min up to 2,5 meter each min.

The drop of table is 1200mm long where after collecting table is 2000mm long and total unit length is 5500mm.

In the drying section the lower net conveyor is supported by the upper conveyor for ensuring sufficient fixation of the segment during the power drying.

The minimum preformed segment size is 10x10mm. The maximum width of preformed parts is 650mm. Product thickness up to 6mm.

The complete conveyor unit, net belts, and air knifes are manufactured in Stainless Steel.
Electric requirements: 3x480V/60Hz, 20 Amp or 3x400V/50Hz, 20 Amp

Packing: wooden box
Packing dimensions: 230x 140 x 210cm.
Net weight: 700kg
Gross weight: 900kg