Polybut PIB

The full set of characteristics found in the range of POLYBUT offered is a very versatile family of products, suitable to be employed in a variety of industrial uses, such as: lubricant oil additives, compressor lubricants, synthetic oil for two cycle engines, adhesives, coatings, caulking and sealing, electrical and telephone cables, plastic films and leather treatment.

PROMAX can provide with MSDS and TDS for each product on request, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Technical Data

Products name Application Molecular weight, Mn Viscosity, 100°C, cSt Density,  15/15°C Flash point, COC, °C
Polybutene PB950 Lubricants, Adhesives, Polymer, Caulks and Sealents, Stretch wrap, Food additives, Electrical insulation 950 230 7200 210