Titanium dioxide

PROMAX supplies several types of titanium dioxide that is widely used:

  • in coatings, inks, ceramics, glass and other industries to make paint color;
  • as filler in paper making industry;
  • as colorants and reinforcing agent in rubber industry;
  • for coloring and printing paste in chemical fiber, printing and dyeing industry;
  • in cosmetics, medicine packing and food industries.

PROMAX can provide with MSDS and TDS for each product on request, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Technical Data

Type Purity Oil absoprption g/100 MAX Sieve reidue % 45 microm meter Volatile at 105° C. MAX pH value MEDIAN PARTICLE SIZE, ΜM OIL ABSORPTION CARBON BLACK UNDERTONE
Titanmax 1618 93 23 0,15% 0,08 6,0-8,5
Titanmax 1818 92 22 0.10 0.8 6,0-9,0