PROMARK 100 IR heater

Download the brochure for PROMARK 100 IR heater here

The infrared heater is a row of gas-fired heating elements equipped with ceramic plates to produce an even and controlled heat which will not burn the thermoplastic surface.

Reflectors and stabilizing mesh direct and distribute heat in the desired direction.

Heating zone dimension: 500mm x 1,000 mm (19.7” x 39.4”).

PROMARK 100 uses a propane (G30) or propane-butane (G31) gas bottle.

IR heaters inlet pressure is 50–180 mbar (0.7–2.6 psi) (148 mbar nominal pressure), category I3B/P.


  • Nominal power (148 mbar (2.2 psi) inlet pressure) Qn (Hs) 52.2 kWh (178,114 BTU)
  • Min. power (50 mbar (0.7 psi) inlet pressure) Qmin (Hs) 30.6 kWh (104,412 BTU)
  • Max. power (180 mbar (2.6 psi) inlet pressure) Qmax (Hs) 57.0 kWh (194,492 BTU)

Gas consumption:

  • Nominal (148 mbar (2.2 psi) inlet pressure) Mn 3.9 kg/h (8.6 lb/h)
  • Minimum (50 mbar (0.7 psi) inlet pressure) Mmin 2.3 kg/h (5.1 lb/h)
  • Maximum (180 mbar (2.6 psi) inlet pressure) Mmax 4.3 kg/h (9.5 lb/h)

PROMARK 100 consists of:

  • 6-wheel frame with a gas bottle holder
  • wing-up heater with 6 IR units
  • manual torch
  • control unit
  • gas regulators for heater and torch
  • ignition system
  • thermal sensor
  • handle

IR heater reflectors are made of high temperature resistant stainless steel. Manual torch with piezo ignition for spot heating.

Control unit with indicators, switches, control handles, 12 V DC powered. Manual adjustment of gas supply and heating modes. Thermal sensor to control pre-formed material surface temperature.

Wing-up heater for easy transportation.

Packaging: in a wooden box, width 800 mm, length 1150 mm, height 1100 mm. The box is fixed on a pallet 1000x1200x120 mm. Weight of 1 box 80 kg net/150 kg gross (box + pallet + equipment).

Folded: width 700 mm, length 1000 mm, height 1200 mm, weight 77 kg.

Application on 20°C surface:

  • Sign size: 360 x 180 cm. (5,09 m²) 2,7 mm. product thickness.
  • Surface cleaning: 5 min.
  • Surface pre-heating is 5 cm/sec, and 3 passes is required based on an initial surface temperature of 20°C:
  • Positioning the sign parts on the surface: 5 min.
  • Heating the sign for bonding to the surface: 30 min.
  • The machine has 8 power settings, which can be set according to the heat resistance of the pre-formed product.
  • If priming of the surface is required, then additional time for priming and primer drying shall be added.
  • Allowing traffic passing after 10-15 min.