Thermoplastic production plant PROMAX CF02

Be competitive together with PROMAX CF02 production plant.

PROMAX thermoplastic technology has once again proved its capacities by adding a new generation of thermoplastic production plant to the existing very successful range. PROMAX CF02 is giving our customers the perfect tool to be competitive on the marked, by securing the thermoplastic quality and performs an exceptional fast return of the investment.

The new PROMAX CF02 production plant is orientated directly to clients with production requirement up to 2 ton per hour.

PROMAX CF02 is designed as a module system which allows us to erect and put this plant into operation in just two working days. The plant can be installed in even the smallest manufacturing facility, thanks to its unique compact design. Electric power is the only external facility required to put the plant into full production mode. The computer controlled batching system with more than 100 recipe options is securing the quality of each manufactured batch. The CF02 thermoplastic production plant is supplied to customers in Spain, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Romania, Kenya, Lithuania, Turkey, Saudi, Philippines, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, USA, Canada, Russia and others.

Along with the production plants, PROMAX is supplying customers a wide range of chemicals and raw materials, such as resin, rosin resin, glass beads, EVA, rubber, etc. Gaining a strong and competitive edge on raw material prices is essential in today’s business environment, where pricing has become a paramount factor in competing with overseas manufacturers who has lower production and labor costs. Importing raw materials from leading manufacturing countries has numerous risks and hidden costs, and we’re here to control your costs and reduce your risks.

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Technical Data

Production capacity: 2 ton/hour
Mixer: 750 kg/batch
Oil injection: 28 liters/min by 2 injectors
Production cycle: 20 min.
Pneumatic system: compressor integrated
Ready mix tank: 1 ton
Bagging cycle: 25 kg/min
Oil and additiv tank: 1000 liter
Oil mixer: integrated
Batching system: electric control
Dimensions: L. 6.3m, B. 3.2m, H. 4.5m.