What we do:

  1. Production and supply of turn-key factories for manufacturing of road marking thermoplastic materials including horizontal preform signs for road signing and decoration of asphalt/concrete surfaces.
  2. After sale service and development of new road marking methods together with a client.
  3. Supply of raw materials to manufactures of road marking thermoplastic, paint, preformed thermoplastic signs and asphalt/concrete surfaces decorations.
  4. Supply of machinery and service for road safety solutions.


Co-operation with contractors in 42 countries from all continents.

PROMAX cooperates with a long line of professional customers across the globe, and to date we have supplied thermoplastic plants to Russia, Belarus, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Kenya, Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Morocco, India, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, Brazil, Uruguay, Ecuador, Argentina, Guatemala, Australia, USA, Canada, Mauritius, RSA, China amongst others.


Environmental and quality policy

It is PROMAX Industries policy:

  • to ensure high environmental awareness throughout the organization,
  • to work actively and proactive to prevent pollution,
  • to assist our customers in choosing the best solution in raw materials used in the thermoplastics industry,
  • to deliver products that comply with applicable road marking regulations in the countries the company cooperates in,
  • to educate and train our employees in order to achieve our goals,
  • to work actively to secure employee awareness to the quality of the services and raw materials we sell and the need for continuous improvement,
  • continuously to set goals and objectives for the activities that have a significant impact on the company’s management system.

Products: turn-key solutions in just two weeks

Products: Raw materials

  • Rosin resin
  • Petroleum resins C5
  • Glass beads
  • Wax
  • Polybut PIB
  • EVA copolymers
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Rubber
  • Process oil

Messages to road-users

Road markings are aids to control traffic by exercising psychological control over the road users.



The application is performed by special road marking machines.

Road marking materials and glass beads are applied same time. There are different types of lines such as sprayed, extruded lines, ribbed, multi-dotted and etc.


Visibility – day/night/wet

isibility of road marking depends on materials and glass bead. There are different types of them: coated, non-coated, ceramic.

Prefabricated road marking

Prefabricated road marking is a preformed, ready-to-use thermoplastic road marking.

  • Various types of ready symbols
  • Fast and easy application

New development

We have developed a new type of road marking system with long lasting performance.

The life time of this new system is 3 – 4 years with highest reflective performance on both dry and wet surfaces.


Colors and road marking

We increase visibility and safety by using different colors to mark the surfaces.