Electric mixer PROMAX M200 MINI

Electric driven thermoplastic mixer PROMAX M200 MINI
These are the basic parameters for the correct performance of the individual components on the unit.

200 litre heater.
Indirectly heated by means of heat transfer oil.
9kW electric heating system, 3×380/400 V. AC., 50Hz.
Special constructed for even inner surface temp-res which is essential for safe application of plastics.
Thermostatic controlled heat oil, 100 up to 220°C.
Thermostatically controlled thermoplastic material temperature, 100 up to 220°C.
Oil jacketed and heated material discharge gate.
Isolation 80mm.
Hydraulic mixer drive 30 rpm., mixer motor 160 cm³, 0,75kW., 3×380/400 V. AC., 50Hz.
Integrated pressure safety valve for hydraulic motor protection.
Electrically controlled mixer valve.
Frame for safe move by forklift.
Hydraulic oil content: 18 liter.
Heat transfer oil content: 70 liter.
Hydraulic oil type: Orlen Oil, Hydrol 46.
Heat transfer oil type: Orlen Oil, Iterm 6mb.
Color: RAL 7047 Tele grey.