Laser cutter PROMAX 16-10

Technical parameters:

Items PROMAX 16-10
Laser tube Wavelength, μm 10.64
Power, W 2 x 130
Cooling way Water cooling
Processing parameters Cutting area, mm x mm 1600*1000
Focus length, mm 63.5, standard configuration
Repeat positioning accuracy, mm ±0.05
Speed, m/min 0~30
Graphic format supported Plt, dxf, dst, dsb, ai, bmp,jpg
Power supply Voltage AC 220V±10%
Frequency, Hz 50
Overall dimension Machine, mm x mm x mm 1905*1705*1210
Chiller, mm x mm x mm 544*425*295
Weight Machine, kg 480
Working environment Environment Clean, no dust or minimum dust
Temperature, °C 5~40
Humidity 5%~80%, no condensation
Others Overall power, kW <3.5, include accessories
Laser safety level 4

Main configurations:

1. Two laser heads RECI 130 w.
2. IIVI F=50 mm focus lens 2pcs, reflection mirror 6pcs.
3. Metal support stripped worktable.
4. Emergency stop, cover protection.
5. CW5300 chiller 1set.
7. Air control valve, red light position system.
8. Air pump 1set, exhausted fan 1set.
9. 220v/50hz, European plug, CE label.


1. Focus lens f‐50 mm.
2. Mirror for 100 w‐130 w.
3. Focus lens F=50 mm
4. Mirror for 100 w‐130 w.
5. Laser tube 130 w.

Overall machine is divided into:
1. Chassis: collection box is detachable and convenient for installing lifting system; secondly, the volume of collection box increases and suction opening is changed into a vertical one, preventing debris from entering the exhaust pipe.
2. Cover: is generally used in common cutting machine, camera cutting machine, single laser head and double laser heads.
3. Transmission parts: except guide beam, guide pad, crossbeam, drag chain bracket, y-axis transmission shaft, other parts generally can be used in inner-rail models.
4. Worktable: handle change is changed into exposed type which is convenient for taking out; secondly, worktable framework are honeycomb table, stripped worktable and narrow stripped worktable.

Body etc: white; upper cover etc: dark gray; honeycomb: bright green; electrical box: white