Завод-изготовитель термопластика PROMAX CF03 TWIN MIX

The thermoplastic production plant PROMAX CF03 TWIN MIX is targeted directly towards required two color production demand of up to 12 tons per hour.

PROMAX install the plant, excl. factory main cable installation and lifting equipment, and start up the plant within 10 working days.

We train your staff in using a plant and give the technology of thermoplastic production including the necessary thermoplastic formulations (max. 10 formulations).

PROMAX gives the production support to you during 1 year.

Running the factory on full capacity requires 4 persons:

unloading raw materials,
for production,
loading ready material on customers truck or bringing to a storage (2 workers).
Delivery time Ex Work: 16 weeks.

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Technical Data

Production capacity: 12 ton/hour
Raw material tanks: 32 m3
Mixer: 2×1 ton/batch
Oil injection: 2×30 liters/min by 4 injectors
Production cycle 5 min
Pneumatic system: 1.5 m3/min
Ready mix tank: 2×1,8 ton
Bagging machine: 4 units
Bagging cycle: 8*25 kg/min
Oil and additive tank: 2×1500 liters
Oil mixer: Integrated
Batching system: PLC/computer control
Dimensions: L. 21,0 m; W. 5,7 m; H. 6,1 m
Weight: 28 tons